Haven’t been active here recently because I’ve not had any significant thoughts. Only silly little tweet-length thoughts.


I had to come here to say that I was doing a crossword tonight (like an old person… I’m trying to exercise my brain, and I also have nothing to do in the dark-sad-lonely evenings) and one of the clues was Ted Danson.



Also, I’m still in it to win it for No Nut November, but I had a dream that I failed it. Might end up breaking it if I start an rp over on FetLife though. I was in conversation with a guy over there a while ago but our schedules haven’t lined up yet and I think we’re still kind of figuring out where we want to take the story. At least he’s cool with being the big. He seems like a genuinely nice nerdy guy. Too bad he’s like 1000 miles away from me.

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