Oh No

So I was doing some “body maintenance” in preparation for my picnic date on Saturday, and I shaved some things that needed moisturizing after, but this time I got out a little mirror and really took a good look at what I was doing and my handiwork was pretty good, but I got a way better look at certain parts of my body than I ever have before. It’s not that I’ve NEVER “looked” before but never from this I guess “good” of an angle and in this good of lighting and um… I’ve thrown myself for a loop. I didn’t know my pussy looked like that. I used to feel kind of good about it because from the face-looking-down angle, it looks pretty good and small and cute. But I got a totally different view tonight and I am not pleased with what I saw. As if I wasn’t already experiencing an excess of sexually-related stress. I think y’all were right about me needing to actually… TALK to someone who has a VAGINA and just… talk some shit out.


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