so i haven’t been very active here…

Like, at all. I’m still over on tumblr, reblogging and talking about how I want a sexy giantess girlfriend and bullshit like that, but tumblr is no longer really the place to post my g/t writing since it’s mostly explicit adult content or whatever, and I posted this little thingy a while back and it got blocked or flagged or whatever they do now. So I’m going to share it here instead, and where someone might actually appreciate it. Literally just gonna copy and paste what I wrote originally (good thing I keep these things in Google docs so I don’t lose it when tumblr decides it doesn’t like my posts):

rated “R” g/t self-indulgence
So I’ve been, as I mentioned, LONELY and stuff, and one time like a full year ago probably, a g/t scenario came into my head, and I was thinking about it last night again, and expanded upon it, and now I wanna share it.
So I wanna be tiny (obvs) and my partner be normal human-size, and for this scenario I’d have to be like, one inch probably? So my partner is lying in bed reading, and I’m sitting on their chest, not reading because it’s too close for me to actually read those immense letters, so instead I’m just like, chilling, kind of starting to doze off, because it’s night time.
My partner notices how late it’s getting and puts a gentle finger on me as they close the book and set it aside. They ask, like, “are you getting sleepy” or something along those lines, and I act like, “what? me? NOPE.” And they maybe chuckle before saying, “all right, little girl–under my foreskin! it’s time for bed!”
So I like, nuzzle their lips or kiss them or whatever before they place me on their chest or stomach and open their pants and wait for me to get in. When I get there, I turn around and smile at them as they pull their foreskin open for me to get inside, and they’re smiling down at me, and I kiss the tip of their penis before scurrying in under their stretched skin as they watch me, amused. I snuggle up into their warm flesh and shift around until I’m right at the frenulum and pet it like a cat. They let their foreskin snap back over me, enclosing me in them, and place a finger against the bulge of me, pressing me firmly but gently into them. We both smile as we close our eyes and fall into sleep in each others’ presence.
… The end.

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