I’m gonna say whats on my mind. How do you have sex ? Or enjoy sexual activities ? I can imagine with a girl but how would you do it with a guy ?


Alright get ready folks, this is gonna get dirty.

I’ve always been a submissive person, even before I shrunk, so it wasn’t hard to incorporate this when I started having sex as a tiny.

As you can imagine, when I have sex with another female it usually starts with some foreplay with involves me playing with her nipples and her touching me with her fingers. Then once we are both ready I go down to her vagina and start pleasuring her as best I can. After awhile she will get more and more turn on  and start using her own fingers to control me down there. This is where my submissive side comes into play. This usually leads to insertion and then orgasm from her. Then she usually feels bad that I haven’t orgasmed so she start to use her tongue to pleasure me. It doesn’t take long for me to orgasm after that. 

Having sex with males is much different. We still usually start with some foreplay as usual. This involves him laying on his back so I can get him hard and him touching me (similar to how a female would touch me). Then once we’re both ready, we start but there are several different ways to do this. The most common is he will bassically just masturbate but hold me between his hand and his penis and I’ll try to help as much as I can. This may sound dangerous but it’s really not. Another way is he’ll lay me down on the bed and rub the bottom of his penis against me as I stay still. One other way is he will just lay there as I try to bring him to orgasm on my own (I always can). After that he will try to bring me to orgasm in much the same way as a female would.

So there, you go. You freaks are probably going to jack off to this but oh well 🤷🏼‍♀️ have fun. And if any of you have other ways of having sex with a tiny, let me know and I’ll try them out.

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