From the Indonesian artist Cynthia Tedy.

The came to me by way of Pinterest. I found a link here. Beautiful and enigmatic. Is he being stifled? Shielded? Protected? Trapped? Patted on the head for reassurance? What do the flowers represent? The scissors?

According to the article, her motivation to create comes from the small moments in her life:

“My inspiration mainly comes from daily life, those little but meaningful things like conversations with friends or encounters with interesting strangers and places. In a sense, drawing is like my love letter to them. I adore simple and honest stories. I enjoy them most in film and comic forms, particularly those that tend to be labelled as “alternative”. I think they make such brilliant way to communicate and they posses a certain raw beauty. You can walk away with different things every time you revisit them and your view about life shifted a little bit each time as well. I wish I can achieve something like that someday. So, I guess the reason I enjoy drawing now is because I enjoy telling stories.”

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