Ok so the comic is actually called “Neutrinos or Something”. I’m gonna go back and tag all the previous pages so that they can be, like, found I guess..

“Gear” is a totally legit 14th century term for cock n balls, no lie.

…I’ve also apparently done research for this fucking thing. jfc

I love the look on his face while she’s eating him out. Eating out his giant cock. The cock that’s bigger than she is. Mmmm…

I was going back through my archives lately and realized nobody has shared any pages from this gorgeous comic in quite a couple years. Five of five I’m reblogging in this series.

Oh my JESUS–I totally remember seeing this comic before (and reblogging it), but I never saw the whole thing??? Reblogging in its entirety right now–but in reverse order so that it’ll be in order straight down scrolling, right?

Oh–aha–also, I initially read that as “working on TAUT gear,” which, I mean… 

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