… I just came here to say that I’m now listening to music while I masturbate, and the most “romantic” and/or “sexy” album by my favorite band (New Found Glory, who I’ve talked about before on this blog specifically because they have a couple music videos where they’ve apparently shrunk, which is !!!, and how I would FUCKING DIE for a music video where THEY were the larger party… GIANT JORDAN OH MY GODDD TAKE MEEE) is “Coming Home,” and I didn’t even realize that that was going to be a pun until I was mentally drafting this post. 

The LAST time I mentioned my foray into this whole “masturbation” thing, I was saying how that one time I /couldn’t/ come, and I thought I’d wrecked myself entirely after approximately 2 months, BUT… I think that might’ve just been because a) I literally do the exact same thing every time, and b) I think sometimes I go too, like, straight for it right away, which I think is both just physically overwhelming and also psychs me out about it. 

But this last time, when I was listening to “Coming Home,” it was sooo good. 

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