Shrinking the Shrinkee

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Artist: Docop

UM? YES? Being tiny, and then getting even tinier? THE DREAM. 

Like… I mean, for realistic real-life purposes, the ideal for me would be that I as my regular human self was just able to shrink and regrow to my “real” size–like, controlledly? Like, I could shrink to my go-to 3 inches for a sexy encounter one weekend, and I could shrink to like ant-size for a dramatic jungle adventure in the front yard the next weekend… Endless possibilities, endless size options/opportunities. But in pure fantasy, though I have a clear preference for being around 3 inches, I do sometimes… dislike the commitment? Like, how about I’m permanently shrunken to about 3 inches, but… can magically shrink smaller than that and then regrow to my “full” 3-inch size? 

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