More Tiny Rhys. I can’t. I have no excuse for this. Look at how small he is. Jack is going to break him. Anyway, following the last drawing, Rhys did his best, but eventually ended up riding the tip while Jack, uh…jacked off. 

Rhys is going to be very uncomfortable in about three seconds, and now I really want to draw post-money-shot Rhys. I already sketched bathtub Rhys on my instagram. Tattoo designs are not set in stone and may change without notice.

Finally, if you have any specific things you want tiny Rhys or Jack to do, let me know, and I might pick some suggestions to draw. (If they’re sfw, send them to my main, @isoscelesfish)

All characters depicted are 18+

… I don’t know who Rhys is, but… he’s fucking hot. 

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