My buddy here wanted to ride in first class to our trip to mexico on springbreak. I told him I could get us both on first class if he gave me his travel money. Fucker didnt even question it and went along with it. When we got to the airport he asked where his ticket was. I told him id give it to him just in the bathroom. When we got there I grabbed my buddy and forced him on my fucking dick. He slobbored on my dick as it slowly turned his body into my cock flesh. After about a good minute my buddy turned into my big cock. I quickly pulled up my pants and rushed through TSA and got on board my flight.

Now I’m sitting here, first class, with my buddy twitching in my pants. Stupid fucker paid for his ticket alright, as a first class member of my cock! Man hes feeling amazing down there too. Shit I probably should turn him back when we get there but with all the young college twinks being there with spring break n all…I might keep him just for a little longer as my nice breeding stick. He wont mind right? I mean I did get him on first class.


… Not the caption story, ‘cause transformation isn’t my thing, but just… that massive cock fucking TWITCHING like that… 

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