This was it, Alexis couldn’t wait any longer. Despite her overwhelming
hornyness she hadn’t been able to bring herself to masturbate in public,
in front of all these people who could see her whatever she did. Now
she needed to scratch this itch realised that she could do whatever she
wanted. Should do whatever she wanted. Nothig could stop her. Looking
down there was a new girl who had grown, but only to a fraction of
Alexis’s size. They’d had a brief converation and she seemed sweet. Now
she was frolicking in the streets below, collecting cars and flirting
with tiny guys. Alex wished she could still flirt. Positioning herself
over the tallest buiding in the city which rose to about calf height she
touched her fingers to her wet pussy and smeared the top of the
building. Lubricant. She sighed and lowered herself, the skyscraper the
perfect size to fill her. She knew it was fragile and wouldn’t take much
punishment but the satisfaction and relief was immense. As she started
to pump up and down she looked at the new girl only a few inches tall by
comparison. Even more than thinking about taking a building full of
tiny people inside her she was thinking about pushing this new girl
inside her. A new toy for her to play with. She quivered at the thought
and pushed down on the skyscraper again, taking in another 10 stories.

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