This was absolutely the most erotic thing that had ever happened to
Grace. Sure she had had hot boyfriends and through the last few hours as
she had    experienced the most amazing orgasms as she grew larger and
larger, playing with the dwindling city of Dallas. Now though, as the
tallest buildings grazed her crotch, she had grown so large that the
adopted worshipers she had found attempting to hump her feet when she
was a mere hundred feet tall, were now small enough to comfortably stand
together on a single nipple. “Now my pretties,make love on me.Please
me. I want you to fuck.” She whispered down to them over the collosal
swell of her tit. As the tiny couple screwed, her nipples became more
and more firm, pushing her little lovers further out above the city on
an every growing platform. She ached to touch them, to pinch her nipples
and kneed her breasts. Unable to resist she tried to be gentle, knowing
that each kneed of her hands caused them to rise and fall dozens of
feet as they tried to hold on as they rode her nipple, and each other.

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