A commission for Lassic on DA

The mant farm she had bought her daughter had become a bit of an
obsession for Eva. Everytime her daughter went out she would go into her
room and stare at the tiny people, transfixed by their miniscule
bodies. One especially tiny one had caught her eye. he was always
staring at her through the perspex wall. After days of secret obsessing
she had impulsively plucked him from the container and taken him to her
room to play a game of hide the mant. He would of course be returned she
thought. Now she was flustered. Her daughter was going to be back home
soon and she couldn’t find him. “Where are you, you little mant
speck…” she whisphered into her bush. “You can’t get away from me…”

Actually in this image size he’s so small you can’t see him! lol

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