Anon follower: I’m a guy who has a gf with a big clitoris. But I can’t seem to make her have an orgasm by oral sex and I’d like some advice. I can make most other girls have an orgasm in the past that have a smaller clitoris. But, I just can’t seem to do the right thing. We’re dating 2 months now.

Me: Ok, did you ask her what she likes to make her have an orgasm? Do you pay attention to her moans? Her breathing?

Anon follower: I do. But, I think it’s more a mental thing with her. Cause her vagina tightens up when I finger and lick her but she holds back, Idk. I want that motion that will make her have an orgasm and she can’t help but do just that.

Me: Ok, you have to be patient with her. Talk with her. Try to make eye contact with her when you’re down there. Speak energy into her with passion. Tell her that her vagina is beautiful. Be intense but gentle at the same time. Communicating with your partner helps create a level of trust that will allow her to get more comfortable. Set the mood appropriately with candles, music and eye contact. Create a level of intimacy throughout the day that will lead to a lasting passionate connection between you and her that evening.

If you were born with a big clit I just want you to know that you are not alone. There’s nothing wrong with you. Love Yourself!!!


… Uhhhuhuuhhuhuh… for future personal reference. In case I ever get a shot at my Lesbian Crush…

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