I watched this move like 10 million times as a kid, and I loved it for SO MANY reasons, but… it’s also TOTALLY got size content. The characters are mice and cats, but… the size ratio is sooo not realistic. As you can see, in the movie, compared to the mice, the cats are human-sized. Especially when Cat R. Wall (voiced by Sir John Cleese–… is he an actual “sir”? I just assume he is…) carries Tanya into Miss Kitty’s dressing room, he;s literally holding her the palm of his fucking hand(s). And I just identify sooo much with Tanya, in this scene especially (I even write a poem about it [it was kind of mediocre, though]). And that part where she gets all excited and says “yes” like five times with increasing intensity? I “quote” that ALL THE TIME–but in text, so I just do it like:

“yes, Yes, YES!”

Or, you know, “no, No, NO” or whatever, and I know that no one knows that that’s even a reference, so I’m always in the back of my mind like, “… did that come across they way I wanted it to???” And I just did that in tumblr chat here a few minutes ago (though I’m queuing this, so… whenever ago) and I’ve probably done it with other people here, too, so… YEP. 

I guess this is just kind of a PSA?

Also: in addition to the above scene, the “Dreams To Dream” scene (which is right before the Miss Kitty scene) is suuuper good size content/giant-tiny interaction. Plus it appeals to me personally even more because uhhh… I’ve always had a thing for Older Men. Or, I guess in this case, Cats. Or Toms, since that’s what male cats are called. 

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