Special Forces touched down on the roof of the Spencer Building and the
nation’s finest troops moved out. They were the first strike against the
giants, meant to buy the rest of the armed forces time, but it felt
more like a sucide mission. The titanic girl in front of them was paying
no attention as she pushed her hands deeper into the walls of the
office building, pulling out the people cowering there. The streets had
emptied but the buildings were not much safer. These two girls waded
around the city like it was a candy store, collecting people and
vehicles in order to satisfy HER pleasure. She sat above them. Legs
spread around the city enclosing it completely, her fingers peeled apart
her lips to accept her tribute. All were her playthings. The commandos
knew they were powerless against this enemy.

I’m so impressed with your work, @pandoza! Such high quality art and writing. I’m looking forward to what you will share next!

… One mega giantess with two building-sized giantesses as her, like, ladies-in-waiting? Oh, yeah–I totally dig this. 

Also: I’ve seen in the past several conversations about lack of representation as far as black giantesses, and I know that I personally have shared extremely little black giantess content, but it seems like 99% of the black giantess art that I come across strikes me as… pretty racist? Almost every black giantess I see is either very heavy/fat or obese, or has a really… I don’t know how to say this without sounding extremely body-shaming but… really unsettling vulva? … It’d probably help if I had some references…  

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