“In you go, little guy!”

I’m so used to fantasizing about tinies shrinking out of their clothes that I forget what a special and surreal kind of torture it would be to find yourself in this predicament while still fully clothed. 

Imagine the juices from the Giantess soaking into your jeans and your jacket as you struggle. Massive fingers shove you deeper. You’re trying to find purchase inside her but she likes the feel of your favorite sneakers against her G-spot and you’re even more trapped than you were before.

FYI, anyone who ever wants to “sexy”-ishly interact with me… I do NOT like to shrink out of my clothes. But I never think to mention that before starting anything, and it’s obviously not the norm, so then I get in an awkward position and then it’s too late to double back and be like, “oh, no, wait–can we star over?”

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