This resonates for me.

I say outright in my intro that I’m a sizeshifter, and at least half of the content on my blog is from a tiny POV. And yet.

Do you have any idea how many folks seek me out because they think of me as a Giantess? I get that demand doesn’t match supply in this community. I get that people are far more excited about connecting with a Giantess than with someone who happens to be large sometimes.

I know many of you aren’t turned on by a tiny woman. That’s fine. None of us here are in control of what turns us on, either. BUT, if you don’t make space for me to be average or small with you, even in a SFW fluff way, I don’t really see why I should make space for you. Either in my schedule or my life in general. #AintNobodyGotTimeForThat

Few of us have any control over the size we feel. In fact, I used to have more far more control than I do now. Expecting a person to be something that they’re not shows an interest in the fantasy more than an interest in the human being who is behind the words and the art. People are not need-fulfilling machines. I am not your living, breathing fantasy, even if I sometimes enjoy acting it out.

Give me the space to not be your Giantess, and then when I DO feel large, I may be able to trust you enough to share that part of myself with you. Simple as that.

All you have to do is ask what size I’m feeling. (And not judge me for my response.) I almost always ask that of the people I’m with, and if I get caught up in excitement then please volunteer this information. Especially if you aren’t feeling what I’m excited about! These things can change unexpectedly, and if you’re not feeling it then please speak up.

And if I tell you I’m feeling average or tiny, please, for the love of all that’s holy, please please don’t make me feel bad about it.

I am great at achieving that result myself. No help required.

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