A Hairy Bed.

Janet was trying to lie still. She had promised them she wouldn’t touch if only the tiny people would make love on her. They were such a cute romantic couple, and this was all the romance she’d had for a while. They were afraid that she would get carried away and they might be hurt, but she could see that they’d been curious and was delighted when the precious lovebirds had taken themselves down to lie in her bush. It was wild. She was wet, and the quivers started to flow through her. It must be like an earthquake for them, but they were making the earth move for each other. Could she go hands free or would she have to break her promise?

Again: hair. But also, re: masturbation… I don’t actively masturbate–like I’ve done it a /few/ times–but like… me touching me, even just me grabbing my own boobs, which I always think is gonna feel good… it just doesn’t really feel like anything? But if someone /else/ touches me, it’s like totally electric. Is that weird? Am I weird (besides the size kink thing, obviously)? 

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