Artist: unknown

Did you all know that I’m obsessed with “giant couple uses a shrunken person” scenarios

Because I am

You’re in great company, my friend.

I’m gonna say something that’s really out of context and maybe inappropriate. Years ago, I read Malcolm Gladwell’s Blink and it blew my mind for a lot of reasons. One tangential result was a change in some of my kink fantasies.

Bear with me, here. 

In this 2005 Slate article, Blink and The Wisdom of Crowds, Gladwell touches on the concept of why two people are far more likely to do dangerous, reactionary, prejudiced shit than one person alone. 

“One of the really interesting facts about police work is that an officer behaves much better—makes better decisions, fires his gun less frequently, has fewer complaints filed against him—when he is by himself than when he is paired with a partner. Officers on their own are far more cautious. Without the emboldening presence of a companion, they take far fewer risks. They don’t pick fights, or put themselves into nearly as many ambiguous or dangerous situations, because they know they have no one looking out for them.”

He also goes into the fact that one of the reasons for this phenomenon is a kind of assumed approval. If I do something bad and I’m alone, it’s just my own conscience that witnesses and judges me. If I do something bad with another person and they don’t do anything to stop me, how bad can it be?

This doesn’t really apply directly to my sexual fantasies, of course. (And I could talk for another hour on the importance of bystander training and steps to take to reduce police brutality, but this isn’t that kind of blog.)

Anyway, one day, not too long after I read this, I daydreamed about two friends discovering the ability to shrink someone. In this context, it was easy to imagine each one doing more and more depraved things than the other like some sort of contest, each one believing they had the approval of the other one.

It allowed me to imagine these scenarios even with people you’d never expect to be depraved. And because I get off to fantasies of people to do really dark, kinky things to me, I got a little hooked on the concept.

And that is the story of how I came to be obsessed with fantasies about Giant couples using a shrunken person as a sex toy. (You’re welcome.)

DITTO on the “giant couple with a tiny unicorn” thing–I tried to write an original/unprompted thing about that type of scenario once, but I didn’t get anywhere-and I’ve got two erotica writing projects I haven’t even started yet that I initially said I was gonna write in like November, so I definitely need to get to those first (and ASAP), but maybe if those go well, it’ll give me some momentum to revisit that old one?

The actual art here doesn’t really do anything for me, but I just wanted to add my two cents to the conversation…

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