Hey guys, I wanted to make a quick update because I’ve been getting quite a few inquiries about the release date for Size Horrors via Tumblr, DeviantArt, my Shop and E-mail! I was hoping to release it this weekend with the bonus art as promised, and although I’m typing this after another all-nighter, after my 5th cup of coffee, in hopes of getting it done tonight….realistically, I probably wont get it done. 

While it’s normal for me to be late with a release by a few days, even a week, I can’t apologize enough for the delays…I know it’s been longer than that. I really thought I’d finish this a lot sooner. Unfortunately I’ve been hit with back-to-back health issues since Size Con and it’s unexpectedly slowed me down. First it was an infection, then bronchitis, and now the latest, I had to take a break on Friday because all my fingers on my right hand went numb and my wrist was swollen. It took a whole 24 hours until I had sensation again, and I still occasionally get ‘pins and needles’ on my pointer-finger. My carpal tunnel has been flaring up bad this week, and while I’ll draw with my carpal tunnel glove to keep some of the symptoms at bay, it slows me down considerably because it limits my wrist’s flexibility. Ugh…If I had a big tablet, that might not be as big of an issue, but my drawing space is about 10×6 inches -_-; 

I’d really appreciate you guys holding off your messages about the comic’s release date until it’s done. I hope to get it done this week, but it’ll get done when it gets done. As I mentioned before, I’m dangerously low on cash (I have like $200 to my name). I’ve been living off toast, rice and discount meat for almost a month. Everything hurts from literally doing this work every waking moment, not just my wrist but my butt – remember, I have chronic muscle pain around my tailbone, it really sucks sitting long term.  TRUST ME, there is no one who wants to get this comic done more than me. Part of it is my health, part of it is my horrible artsy- perfectionist tendency to spend an hour rendering a nicely painted juicy asshole…but I promise I will get it done. I’m beyond ecstatic that you guys are excited for my new comic, especially considering that the content is something personally exciting for me, and content I certainly don’t see a lot of. But the messages just make me more anxious, and don’t make the comic come any sooner. So if possible, please be patient! I promise I will deliver this sinful goodness to y’all as soon as I physically can.

Currently I’m just adding in the final shading and text on Host Club, the other two are pretty much done. And no…I will not release them separately. After that I need to send it all over to get proof read (English is not my first language…I don’t trust myself lol), and then I’ll make up all the promos and upload it to my store. In the meantime, I wanted to (be horrible) and tease you all with a little intro of our main victims characters as well as a little more info on each of their stories.

How to Get Rid of your Ex 2
Tina Cheung is your typical cosmopolitain urbanite. Ambitious, hardworking, bright, and too busy to waste her time with losers like her ex-husband. As she finds herself inexplicably shrinking while riding the subway, she’s kidnapped by a now gigantic man – Jake. Together with his partner in crime, Maria, the two of them shrink, kidnap and get rid of problematic exes.

Lactose Intolerance
Best friends, and secret crushes, Veronica (yes me! :P) and shy/body-conscious Nadia are at the beach when Nadia has to use the restroom. On their walk to the stalls, Nadia realizes they’ve accidentally swapped tumblers, and Veronica has now consumed Nadia’s overpowered weight-loss shake. Consequently, Nadia earlier accidentally drank Veronica’s milk based protein shake…too bad she’s lactose intolerant! As Veronica shrinks before the towering, curvy woman, Nadia panics and runs for help with the tiny woman in tow. Nadia eventually becomes stuck and Veronica becomes trapped beneath her with no escape from the stinky sand pit and the now gigantic woman filling it….unfortunately, Nadia’s urge to go hasn’t escaped her either.

Host Club
It’s Ana’s birthday, and her girlfriends have surprised her with a VIP package to a special Host Club known for housing Giant men. After picking out Chris from the lineup, she nervously takes the 80 floor ride down into the club’s basement to meet her date for the night. Timid and hesitant at first, Ana finds it increasingly difficult to say no to the giant’s advances, even when Chris has her sliding down his throat.    

I don’t know when this post is from, but… that very first picture, with the dick in the mouth and the tiny in the foreskin? OHHH MY GOD YES. 


Can anyone tell me what’s going on in the top middle picture, though? I can’t quite figure it out…

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