shrinking88, wrong link
This artist’s name is “masked collager”

I like the Gullivera posters in the background, that’s a nice touch.

Does anyone else get off to Giants who treat you dismissively? That tiny is working so hard for her pleasure, but she’s on her phone. She can’t be bothered.

I think it’s another layer of arousal for me because she’s enjoying me, but I’m just a toy. Objectification arouses me so much–I want to work so hard worshipping her, adoring her body with my own, and then for her to set me aside without a thought. I want her to accidentally forget I’m there and toss her panties on me. Or I want her to clean me and put me in a box until she wants to use me again. I’m getting more and more aroused, even just typing this.

I think it works for me because it’s like being shrunk a second time. The humiliation of it underscores my size and helplessness, and so it’s irresistibly arousing to me. It shows me my new reality. It shrinks me not just physically, but emotionally.

To have your body and life taken from you to live as a tiny is one thing. But to be kept as a toy is a whole other level. Devoted to the pleasure of a Giantess, the perfect toy who can’t help but live to serve.


Just don’t forget about me FOREVER. 


(This is my 1000th post! How the fuck has this become such a thing???)

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