You don’t have to reply, if you don’t want to, but I just wanted to say its nice to see other bi people that like to shift between the sizes? 90% of the time whenever I’d roleplay or talk to someone about size I’d always end up being the giantess…I like being tiny too and I don’t get to explore it very much. Thanks for having such an awesome blog and being open about things ♡


*sizeshifter fistbump*

I’m glad to meet another bi sizeshifter, and I completely hear what you’re saying. Giants/Giantesses are in such high demand, that it’s far more common to hear from people who want to see me as a Giantess. I like that, but it’s only half of my identity.

I get off more easily and more often to feeling tiny, and sometimes I just feel tiny, you know? Some days you can’t force that sizeshift to please others.


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