Apollonia Saintclair 493 – 20140604 La montagne sacrée (The sacred mountain)

Why does it take so much for a modern woman to see her body as sacred?

I studied history and religion. I know why. Maybe that’s what has led me to this: I want you to catch a glimpse of yourself as a goddess. I want you to see your body in the landscapes of this Earth and to see the raw, exquisite power of your own incarnate body.

I want you to see more than a glimpse. I want you to see it in yourself when you most feel like breaking, when you feel like not enough. I want you to turn the inner eye to watch yourself living and breathing and existing without apology as the goddess you are. You’re stronger than you know.

Especially after yesterday’s kinkshaming story time, I needed this. Maybe you need it, too.

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