Lost Her

Artist: Moebius

One of my all-time favorite tropes. If all else fails, I can put myself into this fantasy and get off. Hard.

It works from any angle, too. I want to be fucked by a cock with a helpless tiny along for the ride. I want to tie a tiny to my favorite strap-on and coat them in lube and push them and that dildo deep into a pussy or ass.

And most of all, I want to be helpless, fighting my captor as I’m tied to a throbbing cock far larger than a cannon, feeling shame as the Giant squirts lube in my face and teases me, feeling my own pussy ache with longing as I stare up into the gargantuan vulva where the cock is pushing itself and me, pushing into those soft, warm, dripping wet lips as large as velvet curtains, my cries of terror and arousal lost under the moans of the Giant couple. The power of his thrusts. The power and heat of her clenching around his girth and my smallness. The way the sensation would blast over every part of my body. The way I’d cling to that cock as the binding comes loose, the way the cock would stroke out and then ram back in, shoving me deeper within. The way it would feel for a firehose of hot cum to shoot me so deep inside that not even the probing fingers of the Giantess could reach me. The way her muscles would tighten down around me, holding me in a profound living stillness.

Nothing but her heartbeat and the distant thunderous vibrations of her voice as she goes about her life, with my own life forgotten, subsumed, accepted into her own. I truly believe it could be my Forever Place, my ultimate subspace.

In total agreement with everything @mightytinygiant just said, but she’s a way better writer than me. Specifically using the cock as a base platform for binding the tiny. Oh my god it’s gets me wild. 👌

Is it too early for this level of salaciousness? Oh well, I’m still on vacation.

It’s never too early for this level of salaciousness.

Did you ever see that hentai floating around where male and female tinies are tied to cocks and then the Giants have a double-penetration orgy with the Giantess? If I remember right, they can hear and feel each other through the walls of the vagina/ass. It was surreal but hot.

And THEN (spoiler alert) the tinies break free, return to normal size, shrink the Giantess, tie her to the cock of the former abused male tiny, then proceed to fuck her into the the pussy of the former abused female tiny. They are ferocious and merciless with her. So. Fucking. Hot. Revenge and humiliation and noncon insertion and punishment and pleasure. So much pleasure.

I haven’t seen it in years so I might be remembering it wrong. The Giantess might’ve used dildos instead of Giants. It’s been the basis of many fantasies for me, so I don’t know what was in the original manga and what’s my headcannon.

Anyway. Yeah, tiny bondage with dildos or cocks gets me so turned on. And based on the content I have posted and seen liked & reblogged, we are not alone, my friend.

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