Joanie goggled at the impossible sight she beheld… she’d woken up hornier than she’d felt in three weeks, panties and sheets soaked… she’d lifted them intending to slide a hand down and continue when she’d seen the tiny blond head, just peeking up over her hood, contrasting with her own dark brown.

Her mind boggled – she hadn’t even felt him (Him?) down there, just his… effect on her. Her thoughts started to race: “Am I… mad? That can’t be a little three-inch man… how…?” – but just then, she felt him cease his ministrations, and the little blond head lifted slightly, then moved side to side… and all Joanie’s rational thought ceased as he bashfully lifted his adorably, amazingly cute face to look at her, and she gasped, her right hand rushing to her mouth.

For on that gorgeous face was such a shy, questioning, look… and somehow, in the stillness that followed, as his mouth moved, she could somehow hear, so faintly…


Shaky, hesitating, and uncertain… “Have I done something wrong?” was the unspoken end of the question.

She reacted immediately, automatically. “Oh… oh, no, little one,” she cooed in the softest tones possible. She slowly reached down with her right hand and, ever-so-gently, brushed his hair with her index finger. “You’re so good,” she purred. “Such a good boy…”

He beamed with such joy, such satisfaction, that Joanie choked back a tear. Then, he looked at her expectantly, and she smiled and gave him the smallest of nods.

He eagerly dove back into his work, and such was his redoubled vigor that she barely had time to gently lower her panties back down before the first orgasm rocked her.

In its aftermath, in the back of her mind Joanie remembered her last conscious thought the night before: I just wish I had a cute guy who wanted to always please me.

And, as she felt him licking and petting, nibbling and caressing, with all his tiny body’s utmost efforts devoted to bringing her to a second (of many) orgasm, Joanie realized:

She had him.

Oh, my heart. This is perfect. The devotion and vulnerability are incredible.

Enthusiastic tinies are so hard to come by, if you know what I mean.

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