Apollonia Saintclair 97 – 20120408 Bab El Mandeb – La porte

O lovers, lovers it is time
to set out from the world.
I hear a drum in my soul’s ear
coming from the depths of the stars.
Our camel driver is at work;
the caravan is being readied.
He asks that we forgive him
for the disturbance he has caused us,
He asks why we travelers are asleep.

Everywhere the murmur of departure;
the stars, like candles
thrust at us from behind blue veils,
and as if to make the invisible plain,
a wondrous people have come forth.


I want to ride a camel down a sand dune and into the shade of your thighs. In a world gone dry, I want to look up into the opening of you and see your slick wetness.

Maybe I want to believe that a wondrous people have come forth. Maybe I like to daydream about what wonderously large people might do with me, and how far I would have to travel to find them.

(Yes, I am totally just going through your blog and, wow, you are fucking AMAZING. But I don’t follow any size blogs because my main blog isn’t my size blog and I don’t want to be startled by unexpected porn on my dash, but I make my rounds every month or so.)

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