That thing I said I was working on, but never finished. Consider this the start of a webcomic idea I’ve been toying with the past year. If it gets good feedback, I’ll definitely continue. No title page or anything right now, but I’ve been calling it “Tall Orders”. I plan on featuring other people’s OCs in the comic too!

It will be mostly NSFW(I will reblog the SFW pages to @smolarcticfairy if you’re just interested in fluff), and will contain my pathetic attempts at drawing vore, POV, sex, size-shifting, butt crush, etc… Basically an artistic outlet for my fetishes. Please like and reblog if you are interested in this project, and let me know if you’d like me to host it somewhere besides Tumblr(any free domain sites that allow NSFW comics?)

Please reblog and support Arctic Giantess’s comic! She’s one of the most creative giantesses on Tumblr, and this seems like such an awesome premise.

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