We went to Hobby Lobby for more frames and to get a collage poster for my mom’s wake and I decided I should live there. I mean I have my own house and accessories!

Just something to brighten your day.

^Okay, first of all I’m really sorry that you were there because of a wake–that’s got to be so hard. I haven’t been around to all my macro/micro blogs in a while (I don’t follow any because I don’t want porn on my dash), so I didn’t know until right now, and I want to express my condolences. 

Second, back to being a selfish blog–I used to always hold onto little things like those. Like doll accessories and little pieces of jewelry and just bits and pieces. I used to want to make a little house with them, but alas, I finally stopped holding onto that stuff and now I wish I hadn’t. I never completed a beautiful tiny house for myself. That could’ve been a really cool project. Maybe someday. 

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