GT challenge: 14. Draw fan art of your favorite Gt characters made by another artist

Well of course I would pick Jitensha (Veronica). I drew her ocs Sergio and Veronica because I love them so!

Where do I start? Veronica has been the biggest inspiration to me as an artist and person. As an artist, I want to draw more GT art (also vore haha) and have more interactions with SW because there is a lack in this community.

As a person, she helped me come to terms that I am not alone with my size dysphoria, I am not alone because we practically had a similar upbringing, and she’s inspired me to work hard to lose weight and not give up hope.

I am incredibly grateful for everything you do in this community and I hope to finally meet you, hopefully in a couple of years when I move to New York for graduate school (because omg I won’t know anyone ahhhh).

As my fellow Latina as well, “te quiero mucho mijita!”

I hope you enjoy this drawing I made for you and I hope you understand how much of a difference you made in my life.

Hope you all enjoy this too 🙂

For @anothergianttinyblog’s challenge

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