“While traveling through the Outback, Sergio finds himself unconscious, being carefully watched by a tribe of tiny people. Eager to take advantage of him, the tiny tribe forces themselves into a position of control! But for how long?”

Hey guys, I just finished a new comic that may possibly pique your interest!  You can buy it here!

 I’m selling 2 versions; the original comic, and for a dollar more, the original comic, plus all the pages without text and all the sketched out in-process work for those who really enjoy my art and want to throw me a little extra!

Some of you may or may not know that my husband and I both got laid off at the same time (we worked at the same studio) back in late October, and have had trouble finding work since. In hopes of getting some rent/medical bills/xmas present money in, I worked for over a month making this comic! I hope those who grab a copy, really like it! ; w ; (help me I’m poor!)

Thanks for taking the time to read this! Happy holidays and a merry fap to all! :3
Reblog to save a life (a financial one ; w ; lol )

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