I can’t believe i spent half of the night just to try and make the underwear folds right (and i failed) 

anyway xD 

I really needed this drawing night to get away (far far far far away) even though i have too much things to do today and there’s no way i’m gonna do everything in time. I’m pretty fucked up but i’m pretty proud of how i’m improving (i guess i’m improving, since i really draw dicks better than before :l ) and i like the fact that i am improving. It’s really nice to feel that way since just a few months ago i was slightly disappointed cause i thought i wasn’t making any progress. But yeah. i still have a loooong way to go through (especially with colour haha (but i like sketching and lining so muuuch 😦 )) but i guess it’s okay

anyway i don’t know why i’m so talkative today. 

be safe and be nice

have a nice day

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