Giant/Tiny Symbol ~ Unifying the Community

Artist: Jitensha

Jitensha has done a tremendous amount of work trying to bring size fetishists together, including organizing meetups in NYC and setting up a forum for meetups in other cities. Now she has created a symbol for size fans to display as a show of community with everyone who enjoys size difference. It’s meant to be all-inclusive, embracing fantasists of all sizes, genders, orientation, and species.

I support this effort because I value diversity within the fetish. Particularly since I started using Tumblr, I have met a wide variety of size enthusiasts as well as people active in related fetishes (such as vore), and this exposure has taught me as much about my own fantasies as it has about others’. The more people we have who feel comfortable sharing their personal size fantasies, the richer the fetish will be for everyone.

I love this symbol so much!

I love this too!

* nods * Most excellent idea.

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