Greetings, (Holographic) Science Goddess. I just wanted to tell you that your audio piece “Micro-vaginal Insertion Record” is spine-tinglingly amazing.


Why thank you. ^.^ What was your favorite part? 😉

Oh, man… favorite part? Basically every part. And just listening to your, uh, “excited” voice is like… unf. 

(So like, basically: please shrink me and make my existence subject to the whims of your almighty clit–slowly decrease me as you become more and more aroused and your engorged clitoris becomes more and more mountainous to me and presses me almost to the point of suffocating before I become smaller still, and again to the crushing point and still smaller, and again until I’m utterly microscopic, lost on your planetary clit, no longer even felt by that most sensitive bit of flesh and as your pussy is washed out with climax and your pulsing femininity calms and deflates and retracts let me be consumed too by your clitoral hood and lost among the smallest bits of you and I am trash, please forgive me.)

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