Okay yeah but have any of you actually seen the actual music video for Malcolm in the Middle’s Boss of Me? 

(Warning for a fuckton of violence but hey, it’s a family show, so it’s not too awful. Oh, who am I kidding? Someone gets their arm torn off, then gets roasted alive and eaten. Someone else explodes. This whole thing is fucked up.)

I remember the first time I saw this and I was like, “…?!!!” *hyperventilating*–because as I’ve mentioned before, I fucking love They, and even though though they were the smaller party (oh–irony? wow, i’m slow…), it was like, “TMBG? in size scenarios? this is everything I want in life.”

They have another one, actually! And they’re the tinies again! It’s the music video for Icky.

Aw, yes, I totally forgot about that one! Gahahahahaha…

(Still hoping for one where they’re the G/giants, though. [I am trash.])

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