Okay, so: my #1 favorite band is They Might Be Giants, which in itself is a funny/perfect/awkward coincidence. But then there’s this picture (of John Linnell, who’s one of the lead/original/main members) (on the left). And I already have a mild obsession with John Linnell in terms of attractiveness. And just… !@#$%

Also, after I confessed to my ex about the macro/micro stuff, and the conversation moved to TMBG, he laughed and was like, “if they were sure about it, then you’d super-love them.” (And I was like, “… yes.”)

(Wow, I sound like such a teenage girl in this post?)

(Also, how weird would it be if They ever say this post? Not likely, I know, but just in case They’re reading: please know that I use the term “obsession” lightly, that I’m not stalking anyone, that I’m not having weird fantasies about you as not-might-but-definite giants, and that I FUCKING LOVE YOUR WHOLE EXISTENCE YOU ARE THE BEST THANK YOU.)

Accidentally posted this to my main blog, but you know what? I don’t even care–I think I’ll just leave it there. 

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