Sometimes I feel a little bad or subconscious because it could be troublesome or really underwhelming interacting with a tiny person. Like it makes me feel hella greedy that I’m given this wonderland of a friend with every experience of theirs multiplied back to me but on the other end they just have little me ;3; what joy does that bring

Idk it’s kinda like leaves a good feeling knowing that you cause that happiness. It’s like you care for them so you just want to protect them and shower them with stuff.

OH GOSH LEE DON’T EVEN, interacting with tinies is amazing!! Y’know that feeling when you get to hold a little tiny pet, like a baby rabbit or a little lizard or something like that? It’s that kinda fascination but the thing you’re interacting with is SENTIENT and a PERSON and can talk and interact with you too it’s SO AMAZING so don’t you feel selfish at all!!


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