I’m glad I’m not the only one! Er, well not glad because it’s a kinda shitty way to feel all the time, but glad to have someone to relate to. I just get so worried that I’ll never be able to find an actual IRL person I can be happy with and express myself fully with! It’s a scary thought. I need an IRL tiny to love.

Same same ;__;

It’s like, my ideal dream to find an irl giant (or at least mentally) who I was really compatible with to be in a relationship w/. It’s hard b/c I literally NEVER talk about gt irl even though it’s such a huge part of my identity…. It does indeed suck. I hope my future s.o. Will at least indulge me w/o judging me harshly uou being tiny is just my constant state of mind…

AGH same! Er, well being giant is my constant state of mind! And when I really love someone, either romantically or just have a complete friend crush on them, I feel absolutely horrible not being able to express my affection either via G/t or vore. It feels like… never being able to hug them. And when you love someone so much, not being able to hug them at all or show any physical form of affection is horrible! That’s how it feels with G/t. I struggle with this with my IRL best friends all the time. I desperately want to hold them as tinies or even eat them up so I can hold them that much closer, but A) it’s impossible and B) I can’t really even talk about it because they aren’t interested in it. Luckily ONE of my best friends likes G/t and kinda tolerates vore so I can occasionally mention it with them, but the other is not interested and I don’t want to push it on them.

Yeah;; I barely even struggle w/ wanting to talk to ppl about gt anymore… I don’t have many irl friends to begin with!! (college is hard) 

I remember alluding to my love of gt to my best friend waaaay back in middle school and the results were horrifying. I used to write stories and friendfictions for my friends and it was all vampires and adventures and ppl loved them. Then I wrote a g/t story based on a dream I had and I LOVED it and reread it all the time and figured my best friend could appreciate it too?? 

Nope nooo super wrong decision haha. I remember it so vividly, her face dropping as she read it. She finally stopped and looked up at me w/ disgust saying “wait…how big is this character??”

I think it was such a jarring experience because gt was and is such a big part of who I am and I was sharing/showing that piece of me w/ someone and it got rejected. Not a good feeling, I completely understand. Makes me very reluctant, and I’ve never verbally had a conversation about G/T which is sad because I would love to talk about it for hours hahha.

irl, chill, gt friends would perfect. I think I’d be much less sad and feel less alone in general :’))))

WHAAAT oh dang Lee I’m so sorry!!! I always have SUCH a hard time talking about it to IRL people too, I mostly keep it a secret except for with my two best friends. One of which I don’t talk about it much at all with because while they aren’t put off by it, they aren’t interested and I feel kinda bothersome spouting about it all the time. I wish we could be IRL friends, oh man I would talk about G/t with you EVERY DAY and all the time! It’d be great. It would be SO NICE to have someone IRL to talk about G/t and vore with. Even little things like staying the night at my house would be great, I have a loft bed and even looking down at you in your sleeping bag on the floor from up on my bed sounds great!


Solidarity, you guys. 

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