You wake up in a pitch black area, not remembering how you got there. The air is thick with a musky scent. You try to feel around a bit to get more of an understanding of your surroundings. You feel some kind of cloth above you, almost pushing you to the ground, leaving just enough room to move around a bit. You feel the ground and you think it must be some kind of field. You feel some kind of thin thing growing from the ground and assume it must be some kind of grass. Feeling a different texture where your foot is, you move a bit and feel the ground again. This time it is an extremely smooth, slightly slick surface. This area gives a bit more than the rest so you push down a bit, just as your eyes begin to adjust. You look around, unbelieving. You are currently elbow deep in what seems to be a giant pussy. It grips your arm as you attempt to remove it. You hear a quiet moan and freeze, afraid to have her find you here.
She had been sleeping when she felt a pleasant tickle down below, letting out a small breathy moan. While not quite waking, the tone of her dreams began to shift. Her breathing quickens and a hand works it’s way down towards her womanhood, working her nimble fingers under her waistband and rubs against herself, pushing you into her more. Her hand slides back and forth as she rubs herself agonizingly slowly. You hear a slight snore and her hand stops moving, resting on top of you, with you having been rolled around by her hand and ending up legs first into her up to your waist. When she stops moving you freeze, not wanting to incite any more rubbing. After a little while she seems to have calmed down and returned to her gentle sleep. You begin to try to inch your way out of her. The progress is slow due to her hand resting on top of herself and you, as well as her gripping snatch, but you finally manage to make it to about halfway down your shins. Feeling hopeful about finally making your escape, you try to up the pace a little, pulling hard with your arms and kicking your legs. You manage to free yourself from her massive womanly clutches. While still under her hand, your progress is much quicker since she isn’t holding you with her pussy anymore. You stop and listen, hearing that her breathing has quickened again and the musky scent begins to become stronger in the air. You scramble in panic, remembering what happened last time you heard her breathing get faster. You get your head out from under her hand quickly followed by your arms. You kick your legs out in a rush to escape and, unknowingly, brush your foot against her, newly exposed, clit. Her breathing catches slightly and her hand twitches. She pulls her hand up a bit and rolls you around, your legs still trapped under her hand. In the commotion, your foot brushes up against her clit again. You hear her sleepily mumble “stupid little dildo, get in there,” and with a grace you didn’t think possible from a sleeping girl, she grabs you by the legs and plunges you into her head first. She moans and releases your legs, leaving you trapped up to the thighs inside of her pussy as it pulses around you. Her hand returns but with her finger extended. She plunges her middle finger into herself, pushing you the rest of the way in. You struggle as she repeatedly pushes her finger into herself, her nails scraping the bottom of your feet, and her pussy violently squeezing you all around. She finally reaches her orgasm after a few minutes of stimulation and nearly drowns you, soaking her panties in the process. She withdraws her hand, leaving you trapped inside of her. She lets out another snore, telling you she has gone back into a deep sleep. Due to lack of air and mental trauma, you pass out.

Part two of this story is being considered. Let me know what you think. Like this post if you liked the story and/or would like to see where it may head next. #hershrunkenplaything

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