MM pt 6 of 6

Joelle was twitching violently as Marguerite purred these words over her, and her mistress’ hand came down toward her, wrapping its fingers around the tiny girl’s body to lift it to the giantess’ face.

“Now, my little pet, I want you to have fun for me, okay? Because this is going to be good for both of us. Don’t be so afraid!” she said as the tiny girl wriggled between her fingers. But Joelle


afraid, and knowing there was nothing she could do about it made her ten times more anxious, on top of her already being dazed at her thoughts from before. But Marguerite just smiled, moving the hand toward her outstretched tongue that waited to take Joelle inside the dripping mouth. As her mistress’ tongue slid back to its place, Joelle was swallowed by a red-tinged darkness and humid air. She tried to orient herself, sitting up, looking around at the cave of mouth in which she was now trapped. But too soon, the soft and moist bed where she sat arched against the roof of the cave, and she was pressed tightly into the clammy flesh above. It was taking no time at all for the tiny girl to be covered in saliva as each part of her mistress’ mouth seemed to drool at the thought of her. Her skin was hot and uncomfortable under the stickiness of her mistress’ spit. Her chest pinned against the roof of her mistress’ mouth, she had to constantly move her neck in order to get any air. Marguerite moaned, vibrating the closeness of her tongue and mouth harshly against their captive, whose ears rang as her bones rattled with the sound. As she moaned, the giantess shifted her tongue. Now the end of her pointillist appendage held Joelle’s hips against the roof or her vast mouth. 

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